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Residential Exterior Services

Getting the ride team to do the right job with your home regarding residential exteriors is very important. Your property, life and valuables are contained in your most prized asset.

The Wanamaker Group has been a leading expert in developing quick turn key services to families throughout the USA, focused in Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC and Florida. 

All consultations start with a 1 hour site visit, 1 day of choosing materials, and 3-10 days for install depending on the lead time of materials and needs of our homeowners and residential investors. 

Roofing Services can be provided within 24 hour response times. Siding can be provided with with 48 hour response times and Windows typically can be installed within 7 days. Emergency replacement of windows can be installed within 24 hours. All services under 24 hours are subject to an Emergency Install Fee. This service is not always available.  

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Residential Roofing

  • Asphalt shingles.

  • Slate and tile roof shingles. 

  • Metal roofing. 

  • Flat roof (TPO, Modified, PVC)

  • Cedar shake and composites

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Residential Siding

Types of Residential Siding

  • Wood siding.

  • Asbestos siding.

  • Aluminum or steel siding.

  • Vinyl siding.

  • Hardboard composite.

  • Fiberglass.

  • Cement fiber siding.

  • Brick and Stone

residential window and door.jpeg

Residential Windows Doors

  • ​Double-Hung Windows. 

  • Casement Windows

  • Awning Windows

  • Picture Window

  • Transom Window

  • Slider Windows

  • Stationary Windows

  • Bay or Bow Windows

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