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CoolBae Black Trans

CoolBae, is an ecommerce and logistics firm, that engages clients from concept, to design, manufacturing and shipping those goods directly to the end consumer. 

All our products are of the highest caliber. Why? Because we don't sell anything we do not field test, wear, reuse, recharge, wear again and again. We like our products and we know you will like them too.  Whether you're looking for a gift, a token of your affection, a key piece, a unique or seen it here first type of vibe, then why settle for ordinary? Why not even match with your significant other?


That is why we started CoolBae. 


What one gives to one's self or beloved should be just as unique as they are, which is why we specialize in Unique, Hard-to-Find gifts and the must haves in the highest caliber of materials and build process. Our team takes good products and with our suppliers make changes to fit our customer base. Let our team take the guesswork out of sourcing something different for you and your bae .


Click the link above for more information on our site.

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